My Homage to Keep on the Borderlands

“It’s been three months since the mines mysteriously stopped producing. Several people from the village have gone up to investigate, never to return. We asked the militia for help and they sent a squad… but they went missing as well. Everyone who leaves the village doesn’t come back. Brigands, from the looks of it. Now people from the village are starting to disappear. Right from their own homes. And their personal effects are appearing in the middle of the night in the town square. And there are rumors about a mysterious Rotten One stalking the land. We’ve been cut off for months. If we don’t do something soon… we’re all gonna disappear.”

My homage to two classic old-school TSR modules Keep on the Borderlands and Village of Hommlet mashed up to one larger sandbox. Keeping the flavor of the original with some new monsters, scenarios, NPCs, and levels of intrigue.

Coming Soon…