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Owlbear Animal Companion

So you found that cute little owlbear cub alone in the wilderness…

Okay, you probably killed its mom and then found it. Let’s be honest.

But now you want to adopt it as your animal companion. But this little bugger would sooner squeeze the jelly from your eyes than play fetch for you.

Here’s a guide for you and your GM about incorporating taming an owlbear cub as a side-story arc.

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Character Token Packs

Whether you are playing a dark necromancer or a barbarian with a penchant for skulls, we have several token packs featuring a wide variety of races, classes, and subclasses.

Check out some samples…

Available Token Packs:
Druid – Forest
Mages – Arcane (Pack 1)

More Coming Soon…

Alternate Spell Focus

This guide will help players and GMs explore more interesting spell casting alternatives.  Examine how using Tarot Cards, spices, and other mundane items could be used as thematic substitutions to the normal spell components, spell foci, and even spellbooks themselves.

Perfect for any spellcaster who wants to add a bit of personality to their casting.

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Failures are Fun!!!

It’s not just about whether one passes or fails a check, but how one passes or fails.

Does rolling a 1 have to mean they don’t see anyone taking note of their sneaky departure from a tavern?  Does rolling a 20 have to mean that someone notices?

Read about it here…