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Song of the Red Herring

There is a good reason that the Red Herring is the only inn in the village: no one goes anyplace else.  Owned and operated by four beautiful sirens, the Red Herring has become quite the popular hangout for the local fishermen, putting all other inns and taverns out of business.  The lure of good food and good company keep the locals coming back and recommending to all travelers that a visit to the Red Herring is well worth their time and coin.

Escape the siren’s song in this one-shot adventure for the following game systems:

D&D 5e (DMsGuild)
d20 (DriveThruRPG)
(DrivethruRPG and

Spiders & Sourdough

A one-shot adventure compatible with D&D 5e, d20 (D&D 3rdEd.), PF2, PF1, Shadowdark, and Tales of the Valiant game systems.

Spiders and Sourdough is a short, one-shot adventure for lower-level characters (level 0-4). All the encounters are easily scaled and can be threatening, but not overpowering for most characters. GMs can adjust the encounters as needed, depending on the capabilities of the players and their characters.

Because of the scalability of these encounters, this adventure could potentially be used as a solo adventure. The adventure could be used as an introductory adventure to introduce the PCs to each other, as a gauntlet encounter as part of character development, or as a side adventure in between plot points in a larger campaign.

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Under the Indigo Moon

The conflict in Marinet has reached a boiling point.  On one side, Baron Feathermont wishes to expand the province’s farmland to encourage growth and prosperity to the town.  On the other side are the local Circle of the Full Moon Druids–whose history and practices are shrouded in darkness and mystery–who wish to prevent the destruction of their sacred shrine should the Baron’s plans be realized.  Determined to drive out the enigmatic Druids, Baron Feathermont puts out a call for adventurers to aid him in sending them packing.  At the same time, Archdruid Silence Greygrass is seeking help from friends of the forest to help defend their place of power.

Which side will you choose?  But who is right?

Under the Indigo Moon will explore the trouble in Marinet, examine the true intentions of both parties, and perhaps stop a horrible tragedy from occurring.  Or perhaps, they will be instrumental in the horrible tragedy.
GM: Ya, but first we need to fight some goblins and giant centipedes.

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Degree of Fate: Giving Skill Checks More Substance

With all the debate about skill checks swarming the Internet, here is a way for GMs to keep the basic mechanics and intent of a skill check but to give them more meaning and flavor. 

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Haunted Hundred

An army built for slaughter, the Haunted Hundred can be employed in a number of ways to add a significant challenge in your 5e campaign.

Includes new Warlock Patron: Death Eternal.

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My Ancestral Home

In the western town of Dedendwals, Lord Edwin Thirbaubwin, or Lord Bob as the locals call him, has put out a call for adventurers to aid him reclaim a lost heirloom from his ancestral castle currently inhabited by a small band of ogres. The ogres have been raiding the local farms and mining communities, so Baron Truflengal, the local noble, has seconded the call to rid his lands of this menace.

My Ancestral Home is a one-shot adventure which can be included as the party is passing through a small town, or as part of downtime between story elements of a larger campaign.  It can easily fit into most fantasy worlds with little alteration.
This adventure is designed for four to six 6th level (or higher) characters.

This one-shot was created as part of the Shadowdark Independent Game Jam and is available on

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Let the Players Tell the Story

There are thousands of resources for GMs to help create worlds, campaigns, towns, settings etc.

But let’s not forget one of our best resources:
Our Players.

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Failures are Fun!!!

It’s not just about whether one passes or fails a check, but how one passes or fails.

Does rolling a 1 have to mean they don’t see anyone taking note of their sneaky departure from a tavern?  Does rolling a 20 have to mean that someone notices?

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Roll for Montage

GM: You travel on the road for six days. Hang on and let me roll for random encounters. So… we have… goblins, a giant centipede, nothing, another giant centipede, nothing again, and more goblins.

Player: But we need to get to the evil wizard before they can start the ritual to end the world.

GM: Ya, but first we need to fight some goblins and giant centipedes.

Player: Why? Can’t we just say we did? There’s gotta be a faster way of doing this.

There is!!!

Roll for Montage!

Tired of random encounters slowing down the pace of your campaign? Looking for something that will still give the rewards of random encounters without the hours of combat and/or role-play the players need to do to earn them?

Roll for Montage is a quick way to create interesting random encounters, complete with their rewards and consequences, into your campaign or one-shot.

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