The Rise and Fall
of the Third Lich

Experienced Adventurers Urgently Needed!

New Coalition of Researchers, Investigators, and Explorers (CRIE) chapter opening in Landford.  Looking for skilled adventurers to expand the franchise.  Send letter of inquiry to Falcor Nutmuffin, Captain at the old Company -B- Barracks, Lanford Garrison.  Accepting all positions!

CRIE is an equal opportunity employer and (probably) does not discriminate due to race, class, patron deity, cult membership, number (or lack) of tentacles, absence or presence of scales, excessive sweating, or height.

This 5th Edition campaign takes place in my world of Cordia, a medieval fantasy world where magic is prevalent and arcane knowledge is increasing.  Campaign focus is a mix of investigation and fighting, so we would be looking at a good balance between RP and combat encounters.  And judging by the title, you may have an idea of what you might be up against.

Kickstarter Coming Soon…